Why Westalls?

When choosing a plumber it is all too tempting to use the cheapest – wrongly assuming that ‘all plumbers are the same’ – but as with most things in life, it’s not quite that simple.

So why choose Westalls for your project?

A very small plumbing business with perhaps just a couple of staff and very low overheads will inevitably be able to charge a lower labour rate than a company such as ours – but there is a good reason for that, and our customers understand the extra value they get from dealing with us.

We have full-time office-based staff so it is rare that you will call us and not get an answer during normal working hours. We may not always be able to give you the answer you want but it’s good to speak to a human rather than a mobile phone voicemail, not knowing when you might get your call returned.

Secondly, with 15 engineers, if you have a real plumbing emergency then we are far more likely to be able to respond more quickly than a smaller business who may have all of their staff committed to other jobs. And many of our plumbers have been with the company for over 20 years!

Then there’s the issue of training – a small business can afford to take a chance on training, we have to ensure that our engineers meet all health & safety regulations as well as a myriad of other requirements – all designed to protect you, our customer. And when it comes to safety, you really can’t afford to take any risks. We invest tens of thousands of pounds to keep our engineers’ training up to date so you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands with Westalls.

And finally, our size means we can afford to carry stocks of all of the parts and components we know we are most likely to require at short notice – meaning we are most likely to be able to get you up and running again with the minimum delay when problems do strike.

So I hope that you will understand why using Westalls may cost a little more, but it is an investment that will repay you over and over again. We are always very happy to discuss our prices and the benefits of using our company with you – please don’t hesitate to contact us!